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Made for me

The my HOPPECKE home storage system was designed for a seamless integration into your home.

My Life

My independence is not negotiable. Therefore I am striving for a high amount of self-produced energy!

My Future

I want to shape my future. My home energy storage system accompanies and supports me on my journey into the future!

My Energy

My home energy storage system shows me my actual demand of energy and optimizes my daily usage!

Intelligent App-Interface


The highly efficient energy management system (EMS) by HOPPECKE guarantees you full access to your storage!


Current Status & Control Panel

Check the current status of your system remotely at any time - even while travelling or at work!


Weather-Based Charging Strategy

Check your future capacity at a glance and plan ahead for your optimized energy usage!

energy management system

Share with Friends & Communities

Oversee your CO2-savings and share your contribution to environmental protection with your friends!

environmental protection

Protect Your Environment

How can you make better use of your energy? What is your current energy sufficiency? Here you can find the answers!

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Installation & Buildup

The easy One-Man installation can be handled by a trusted technician of your choice within only one hour!

Space-Saving Design

The compact dimensions and low weight ensure a minimal required space!

Wall & Floor Mounting

Perfect hold thanks to the flexible installation options - fitting your needs!

Capacity & Performance

Choose between 6, 8, 10 and 12 kWh energy content per system or expand up to 100 kWh with our custom Master-Slave concept!

Optimal Charging & Discharging

You can store and extract energy at a maximum of 6 kW. Customize your energy supply with ease!

DC/DC-Converter Included

Waive costly DC/DC-Converters between your solar system and your energy storage!

my HOPPECKE home energy storage system closeup -

News & Events

Wonder what's new? See our latest News and stay informed about the my HOPPECKE home energy storage system!